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Zeiss Binoculars; World Class Binoculars

Zeiss Binoculars; World Class Binoculars

In 1846, three men, Ernst Abbe, Otto Schott, Carl Zeiss, collaborated to create a company that manufactured optical systems, industrial measurements, and medical devices. The company was based out of Jena Germany. The company was called the Zeiss company, named after Carl Zeiss, who was the optricion of the group. Ramifications of World War II, forced the Zeiss company to split into two separate companies. One of the companies is located in Oberkochen Germany and is called Zeiss AG. The second company remains located in Jena Germany and is called the Zeiss GmbH.

Before the Zeiss company was forced to split, it was the world's largest camera producer.  Camera production is still what the company is best known for. One of the camera produced by the Zeiss Company was the Kine Exakta, a SLR camera. At the time the Kine Exakta was the smallest camera in the world.


Currently the Zeiss company is the international leader in the fields of optical and opto-electronic technology. Today, over a hundred and fifty years after its creation, the Zeiss Company is still internationally renowned for their cameras. On May 2, 2007 the Zeiss company received two Outdoor Life Editor's Choice Awards. One of these awards was for the Camera-Eyepiece DC4. This product combines an excellent digital camera system with the Zeiss Company's Diascope Spotting Scopes. The combination of these elements makes the Camera-Eyepiece DC4 a digital scoping masterpiece.
The second 2007 Outdoor Life Editor Choice award was rewarded in recognition of the Zeiss Company's 10X56 Victory FL binoculars. The 10X56 Victory FL binocular represents the very first time the Zeiss Company has used their Fluorite glass in a pair of binoculars.

Although The Zeiss Company is pleased to report that they sell binoculars for every need,  Zeiss binoculars have enjoyed a special relationship with birdwatchers, hunters, hikers, mountain climbers, and other outdoor enthusiast. Many Zeiss binoculars include features such as; compensated optics for eyeglass wearers, advanced optical systems, rubber armor, phase coating, dual reticules, Zeiss anti-reflective coating, center focus, full size roof prisms, extra low dispersion glass, and individual focus. Lines of Zeiss binoculars include; the Diafun Series, the Victory Compact Series, Conquest Binoculars, and the Victory FL Series.

The Zeiss Conquest Binoculars are especially popular amongst bird lovers. They are in a the middle of the price range with prices for a new pair running anywhere from $450.00 to $800.00.

The Victory Series features binoculars that are 100% waterproof, designed with anti-reflective coating on the lenses, use Zeiss Fluorite glass, high impact armored housing, nitrogen filling that prevents fogging, and an adaptive lockable eye cup. The Zeiss Victory Compact series is dust resistant, these small hardy binoculars can be used for both rough and tumble outdoor activities and then be brought inside for trips to the theater and symphony.

Consumers who are considering purchasing a pair of Zeiss binoculars should think of them as an investment. The binoculars aren't cheap, but they have a strong reputation and cutting edge technology. They are available for purchase at most binocular and sport stores.
The Zeiss Company is so confident about the quality of their binoculars that they offer a lifetime transferable warranty.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What to Look for When Buying A Pair of Wholesale Binoculars

What to Look for When Buying A Pair of Wholesale Binoculars

A good pair of binoculars can be expensive. One way to save money is by purchasing them wholesale. One of the best places to look for a pair of wholesale binoculars is on the Internet. On-line binocular dealers are more then happy to help you with your binocular selection. They are happy to answer any questions you might have from lens quality, to stabilization, to the housing. On the average on-line binocular dealers are considerably cheaper then the retail stores. In addition to their prices, which are already lower, they are sometimes willing to haggle, especially if you are also planning on purchasing some accessories to go with your new pair of binoculars.

It is possible to get a nice pair of binoculars for a couple of hundred dollars, it is equally possible to fall in love with a pair of binoculars that cost a couple of thousand dollars. Know your budget and stick to it. If you are only going to spend a couple of hundred dollars don't even bother to look at the higher priced binoculars. The lower priced binoculars are generally cheaper because they have a lower field of vision and are made with cheaper lenses. Some of the high end binoculars, like the ones manufactured by Zeiss, are so well constructed that they come with a lifetime guarantee. The higher end models also tend to use technology that improves stabilization and increases view quality.

Pay attention to the binoculars numbers that are printed on the side of the binoculars. The first number is the amount of zoom the binocular has. The second number indicates the size of the lens. So a pair of binoculars that has the number 7X30 stamped onto the casing is a binocular that will magnify and object seven times its actual size, and has a lens size of 30mm. The lens size does not indicate lens quality, however the larger the lens size the brighter the view and the larger the field of vision.

Binoculars now come with all sorts of gadgets and gizmo's. Maritime binoculars are now being crafted with state-of-the-art compasses, and lightweight water proof casing. Binoculars that have built in digital cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Hunting binoculars are now being designed with range finders. Birdwatchers are thrilled with the increasing stabilization features they are finding featured in the latest birdwatching binoculars.

Purchasing a pair of binoculars that have been designed with coated lenses will help extend the life of your binoculars. Coated lens will  improve the binoculars contrast and image quality.

Make sure you ask the on-line store representative (another bonus to shopping on-line for a pair of wholesale binoculars is that allot of the times the person you are dealing with is the owner) if they have a trial period. A trial period is a specified length of time that you have to try out the binoculars. If, for whatever reason, you don't like the binoculars the store will let you return them, and refund your money. Also find out if the store offers any type of warranty.

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Why Would You Choose A Swarovski Binocular?

Why Would You Choose A Swarovski Binocular?

Swarovski Optics is an Austrian business that's been trading for over 50 years.  They have won several awards for their binoculars, as have a few other popular companies in the same field of work.  They also offer bags, cleaning kits, straps, tripod adapters, 2x doublers, suspenders, lens cleaners, lens cloths, and lens towelettes.

One of the most expensive pairs of binoculars Swarovski offers is the 10x42 El Binoculars, which cost $1900.  With a high customer rating, these give people their money's worth.  They're comfortable to the hands, lightweight at 1.7 lbs, waterproof, and have a lifetime warranty.

Swarovski Binoculars 10×42 | Pfeifer PerezThe El series are recommended for marine use, hunting, sporting events, and bird watching.  They're able to focus at 8 feet. The only drawback in this particular pair seems to be that they aren't compact.  They're shipped with a zipper case, neck strap, lens caps, cleaning cloth, lapel pin, warranty registration form.

Swarovski offers a unique eyepiece doubler for the El Models, which creates a spotting scope.  It costs $378 and brings details closer, allowing identification that goes beyond the reach of your binoculars.  Avid bird watchers are especially fond of this idea.  The bird watchers dominate the purchasing field of roof-prism binoculars along with hunters.

Stabilized binoculars, zoom binoculars, and those claiming to be focus-free are the least reliable of any brand as far as quality.

You've probably heard of opera glasses.  These are really just low-power binoculars that allow people seated far from the stage to still obtain an acceptable view.

Digiscoping is taking photos through your scope with a camera, and it got Swarovski an award.  The digiscope is a newer version of binoculars outstanding results as of yet under any other brand name.  It just shows how Swarovski excels in quality with their optical equipment.

Founder Wilhelm Swarovski had a passion for nature and astronomy.  His company is involved in many nature conservation projects.  His Pentax Papilio Butterfly Binoculars is geared towards children (with adult supervision: at a price of $129---most Americans would opt to supervise their use) because of their unique focus distance of 1.6 feet.  They weigh a mere 10.2 oz, have a worry-free lifetime warranty (only available through authorized USA dealers).  Of course, many parents spend more on toys or gaming equipment that has no educational advantages.

Special application binoculars include those that offer Giant Zoom, waterproofing, image stabilization, and astronomy binoculars (the stars are a lot further away than most of us realize because we simply take them for granted and don't really give them much thought).

While you may be shocked at the hefty price tag on most binoculars, you must realize also that much time, money, effort, and research is spent to perfect these products.  Technological advancement does not come cheap.  Swarovski did not get where they are without their own trials and errors.  The making of good binoculars requires good staff, good equipment to produce the binoculars, customers willing to give your product a try, dealers willing to advertise and sell the products, and money.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zeiss Binoculars 10×30 BT Information For Buyers

Zeiss Binoculars 10×30 BT Information For Buyers

Since its inception in the middle of the 1840's, the Zeiss company has been known for the quality of the their optical lenses. For over one hundred years they have been producing some of the most highly regarded binoculars in the world.

Ziess products are noted for their, state-if-the-art technology, ruggedness,  and use of corrosion resistant materiel's. Each and every pair of binoculars the Zeiss company sells is dust proof, water resistant, and is suppose to be able to work in both high and low temperatures. Each pair of binoculars is also comes with a anti-reflective coating that the Zeiss company developed.

One of the binoculars that the Ziess company produces is the Zeiss binocular 10X30 BT. The 10X30 BT binocular is a part of the Zeiss company's compact. Specifications of the Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT are; an exit pupil of 3, and an eye relief of 4.5mm. The Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT weighs two pounds.  Its PID is 20125. This pair of binoculars is 4.53" wide. When the eye cup is fully extended the Conquest 10X30BT is 5.6" tall

In addition to the great technology that is featured in every single pair of binoculars that the Zeiss company produces, the Conquest 10X30 also features a state of the art outer encasing. Eyeglass wearers are able to use the Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT in comfort, thanks to its folding eye cups and high eye point eyepieces. The Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT won't fog up during use thanks to the nitrogen filling. The casing of every pair of binoculars in the Conquest series is made out of temperature resistant armour that wont slip while the user is holding them. The eye cups are lockable.

The Zeiss Company includes a comfortable Neoprene strap, a Cordura pouch with a belt loop, and a protective eyepiece cap with each purchase of the Conquest 10X30 BT.

Other binoculars in Ziess's Conquest series include the 8X30 BT , the12X45 BT, and the15X45 BT.  The 8X40 and the 10X40 are large binoculars while the 8X30 and the 10 X30 are midsized. Zeiss Conquest binoculars have been praised for their outstanding performance during twilight.

The Zeiss Conquest Binocular Series is very popular among bird watchers. The Zeiss Conquest binoculars are in the middle of the pricing scale. A pair on Conquest binoculars can be purchased for as little as $470.00 or as high as $800.00. If you would like a pair of Zeiss Conquest binoculars but feel the price is to steep watch on-line dealers and Internet auctions. There are often good, used, binoculars to be found fr sale on EBay. If you choose to purchase a pair of Zeiss Conquest binoculars from an EBay store, try to get the dealer to guarantee the condition of the binoculars. Make sure you know how much it is going to cost to have the binoculars shipped. The average shipping price for a pair of Zeiss Binoculars is approximately $17.00.

Ziess is confident about the quality of their binoculars that they provide each set with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Questions About Leupold MK4 Tactical Binoculars?

More Questions About Leupold MK4 Tactical Binoculars?

Leupold made the MK4 tactical binoculars specifically for high performance with a rotating tactical milling reticle.  You can buy these $359.99 binoculars without a reticle, but why not take advantage of the extra feature that allows ease of use.  You can determine range by moving a part on the equipment instead of tilting your instrument or your head!

It makes sense that because all people are created differently, their eye spacing will be different as well.  People who wear eye glasses will find the MK4 to be user-friendly.  The MK4 also protects against shock.  And you can take them into the field without worrying whether weather conditions will affect the results of their performance.

At 1 1/2 pounds, they aren't the heaviest in their field.  The price of $359.99 doesn't make them the most costly of their kind either.  There are scopes more expensive than $359.99!  People spend more on their kids toys than this, so why scrimp when it comes to your binoculars, which are far more likely to last than the kids toys!

Leupold does have other binoculars more expensive or cheaper.  But just because an instrument does not specifically state that it's for tactical use doesn't mean it can't be used for such.  It only means a product that does state "tactical use" is more suitable.  Leupold does make binoculars that sell for less than $100, which are also waterproof.  But the reticle is of importance to the tactical user as is range estimation.

The Leupold company is kind enough to recognize eye challenges that limit vision abilities, so they recommend certain models to aid with such as this (like having only one eye or having a non-tracking eye or even having difficulties brought on by aging).  Their binoculars are not meant to replace magnifying glasses or prescription lenses by any means.

Because the general public has access to these binoculars, the $359.99 price tag should discourage adults from sharing these Leupold binoculars with their children.  (Children are not developed well enough in eyesight to handle the strain of longtime use.  Just because they might be able to see through them and hold them properly does not mean they are good for their vision.) The clarity is impressive on this particular product and the case is a bonus for field work.  They are sold at higher prices, so as with most anything these days, it pays to comparison shop before purchasing.

SWAT teams have found the Leupold MK4 Tactical binoculars helpful in extreme situations, along with gear like armored cars and fiber optic cameras.  They need all the help they can get in as little bulk as possible to carry out their jobs discreetly, quickly, safely, and professionally.  They must rescue police officers and civilians and important public figures from snipers, terrorists, militant groups, and hardened and dangerous criminals.

It doesn't matter what your choice is, it must provide what you need most at a cost that is affordable for you.  Your personal preferences and differences must be taken into account.  Don't just take someone else's word for it that a pair of binoculars would be perfect for you.  Remember, people have individual standards and requirements.  This is a piece of equipment that can benefit you for a lifetime, so choose wisely.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Leupold MK4 Tactical Binoculars Are Great!

Leupold MK4 Tactical Binoculars Are Great!

Leupold makes binoculars, scopes, wrenches, bases and rings for scope mounts.  Lives depend on their products, which are rugged, accurate, waterproof, and provide optical excellence.  The unique feature in their MK4 $359.99 pair of binoculars is the rotating reticle.  It allows for proper estimation of range on targets that aren't perfectly level.

A reticle is like the crosshairs on a scope. It's a shape that is superimposed on an image to align your binoculars.  The most common reticle is a red dot, although there are several types of reticles which include:  holographic, collimated, illuminated, etched, and wire.  Good collimated binoculars are aligned from the factory with laser precision, so they'll be more expensive than binoculars that aren't collimated.  It refers to the optical and mechanical alignment of your equipment.

Binoculars have a very wide price range, changing from one brand to another, one store to another-even on the very same pair of binoculars, and the added features or quality.

Tactical gear can include everything from rifles, compression wear, scopes, gloves, knives, pistol pouches, harnesses, and canteens.  The tactical binoculars are just one more item that must be top quality for an extreme mission.  This said, the public still has access to the Factory New, Leupold MK4 Tactical Binoculars.  The fact that the public has access does not diminish these binoculars in importance or quality.  Since they are not considered a weapon, it is easier to see why they would not require a license for public use.  So, even if you don't require a special license or certificate or profession that uses these tactical binoculars, you can still have access as long as you can afford them.  It may be possible to buy them cheaper then $359.99 if you shopped around.  You could possibly find a pair at an online auction or a used military supply store.  Maybe you just want a pair so you can have bragging rights to owning something that can be used by the military.  Some people just like to have such as this in their collection, and devoted collectors wouldn't blink an eye at the $359.99 price tag!

However, the Leupold military binoculars should be factory new for the best assurance of condition and warranty.  Binoculars that are sold used might be out of collimation, which can be hard on your eyes.  The can lose collimation simply by being dropped accidentally.  It is possible to have them adjusted by a service professional.

The features of the Leupold MK4 Tactical Binoculars that you are sure to get with a factory new pair are:

1. 60-70mm adjustment range
2. phase-coated prisms
3. nitrogen purged for assurance of waterproofing and resistance to moisture
4. water and fog proof
5. rotating reticle
6. twist-up eyecups
7. light weight (25.7 oz)
8. shock absorbing armor

The Leupold Katmai series is similar in looks to the MK4 tacticals, but their prices vary from $290 to $380.  Other Leupold binoculars near the $359.99 price range are the Wind River Series.  The Golden Ring Series is a more expensive option, being closer to the $1000 range.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Have You Read Any Binocular Reviews Recently?

Have You Read Any Binocular Reviews Recently?

Digital camera binoculars seem to get low reviews.  Most are said to be no better than taping a camera onto your set of binoculars.  You have to lose out on the quality of either the camera or the binocular because it's hard to find a pair that works together to provide the best quality for your money.  What good is a wonderful enlargement with a fuzzy picture?  Most digital cameras can't even come close to the magnification capabilities of binoculars.  Zoom is limited, field of vision is different.  The one combination that seems to come the closest to the best quality is the Bushnell 8x32 Instant Replay 18-0833.  It can be found at an average price of $371.

The night vision binoculars that receive an extremely high rating (and, of course, an extremely high price tag) are the Night Shadow 4th Generation Night Vision Binocular.  Yes, of course they offer payment options.  You'd think at a price of $6000, the manufacturer would offer a more private way to ship them.  The contents are apparent on the packaging.  Let's hope your mail carrier knows how to keep mum.  If you're hoping to purchase this as a gift for your much-adored husband, you'd better beat him to the mailbox on delivery day.  This equipment is said to be the biggest in image intensification over the past 10 years.  It's kinda creepy, though, not knowing who might be leading a secret agent wanna-be life in your neck of the neighborhood!  No license needed to purchase makes them readily to whatever public can afford the hefty price tag.

If it's marine binoculars you're shopping for, there are several top brands to choose from.  Two that stand out are: Steiner 7x50 Marine binoculars and Bushnell 7x50 Marine Binoculars.  The Steiner pair has a great auto-focus and a rain and spray guard for the lenses.  They cost around $283, and they're shockproof.  The Bushnell pair seems to have a negative review on their compass feature, but they offer a range finder in the left eye, which is appealing to anyone who has a right-eye vision challenge.  The average cost of these is around $108, and they're fog proof.

If you're a serious birdwatcher, good dependable binoculars are a necessity.  Nikon is a name that stands out in this field.  The Nikon 8x42 Monarch ATB, the Nikon 10x50 Action EX, and the Nikon Premier 10x42 all receive good ratings.  These cost around $300, give or take a few bucks.

Hunters like the Leupold Golden Ring 10x42 binoculars.  If you're able to fit their $1000 price range, they offer an irresistible lifetime guarantee, which you'd most likely prefer with this much of an investment.  They do work for people who must hunt using eyeglasses.  For someone who is on a hunting equipment budget, the spouse would be most likely be more happy with the lower cost of $50 for the Olympus RC 8x21 outback binoculars.  Although they don't have waterproofing and their small size might make them a challenge for someone who has big hands.

Reviews are great, but remember that the only true test of a binocular is the actual use in the outdoors.  Use the reviews as a guidance tool to narrow your choices.