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Steiner Binoculars; What's The Deal?

Steiner Binoculars; What's The Deal?

past sets of binoculars were heavy and much larger than those models available nowadays.  Just the government issued binoculars were enough to make our servicemen groan.  After you carry around a little 6 pound baby just half a day without a stroller or baby carrier to give you relief, you'll understand how something as seemingly lightweight as 6 pounds can wear on your muscles.  Added to the other gear an outdoors activity adds to a person's burden, this is an unwelcome strain.

Most Steiner binoculars are used for outside activities of some type.  Military, police officials, hunters, birders, mariners, fishermen, and more get their enjoyment from this brand.  A good, quality set of binoculars can enhance the outdoors excursions of many different fields of work and enjoyment.

For birdwatchers, it is recommended to beware of those little extras that are offered with a pair of binoculars and focus on what is most important to avoid paying for things that won't be of specific use in your area.  Zoom, image stabilization, and fixed focus may add to the cost while taking away from what you could truly benefit from.  Color and style won't matter if it reduces the qualities that will be of the most use for your experiences.

The Steiner Company has been operating since 1947 and has grown from a one-man operation to a staff of at least 300.  They have representatives all over the country.  Some of their newest products include:

1. Peregrine XP
2. 10x40 Predator Pro
3. Commander XP 7x50 C
4. 12x30 Wildlife Pro
5. Nighthunter XP with NANO protection

The Peregrine XP is offered as an 8x44 or a 10x44, has water-repellant coating on the objective and ocular lenses, and provide a high depth of field.

Steiner has benefited police departments with their 7x50 and 10x50 police binoculars, making our public and our officers more secure.  If the police have reliable tools to perform their jobs, we all benefit.  Steiner provides them with binoculars that are waterproof, shockproof, fog proof, lightweight for long hourly use, have long range vision, and operate with little or no lighting.  They are, of course, available for public use should you desire to pay around $400 for this type quality.

Many versions of binoculars can be used in more than one area.  Keep this in mind when you shop around and remember that a quality pair, no matter whether the price is low or high, can provide you with years of good service.

It helps to scour the customer service reviews to help you determine if the negative points of any one pair will outweigh the positives required for your particular use.  What one person sees as a negative problem may not bother you in the least.

Steiner has a wide price range for different budget levels.  They are available used if you prefer to try your luck at online auctions, which can sometimes still provide reviews.  Pawn shops, an ad in the newspaper, or other binocular users are sources for finding used binoculars.  Just remember that the warranty will be less if any at all for a used pair, and parts on used items sometimes have become obsolete.

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